About SimSurgery AS

SimSurgery AS was established in 1999 based on a collaboration between the National hospital (Medinnova) and Mobile Media (MMC) and with project funding from SND (now part of Innovation Norway).

SimSurgery develops and provides simulators for training of surgical skills and procedures in a global market place. The simulators are based on advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology, developed by SimSurgery. The company holds several patents which cover central software and hardware solutions.

The company has always had a strong technology focus, with high competence within applied mathematics, graphics, and computer science. In 2003, SimSurgery launched the first product for training on laparoscopic suturing (MIST Suture). The software platform, Sim3DM®, developed by SimSurgery is ideal for real-time 3D simulation of deformable objects like soft tissue and sutures.

Since 2006, the company has provided a comprehensive product for training of laparoscopic surgical skills. The product is called SEP - SimSurgery Education Platform. This is a complete system consisting of a hardware and software platform for VR-based training, 25 simulation exercises for training basic laparoscopic skills, and simulation modules for training complete procedures.

This system is currently among the bestselling VR-based surgical simulators around the world. Systems are used at leading institutions in the USA, France, Canada, Russia, China, the UK, Germany, Italy, and in Scandinavia. In 2007, SimSurgery won one of the largest simulator contracts in Europe, when CICE (www.cice.fr) decided to include 8 SEP systems in their training programs.

The success of the SimSurgery products is a result of the company's philosophy that advanced technology and quality are developed in order to achieve the best possible educational tools.

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