D-Box Leaf Exercise



PurposePractice simultaneous usage of both right and left hand during laparoscopic surgery.

The exercise is designed to train right – left hand coordination. In laparoscopy you have to develop ambidexterity to some extent an this excercise force you to use both hands simultaneously.

How to execute:
The exercise starts with the “needle” in the “needle holder.” The “needle” shall be led trough all the holes in the 5 leaves. First the 5 in the back, then trough the hole to left and then 5 holes in the front of the 5 leaves. Time is measured from the instruments are visible and the “needle” is back in the “needle holder.”

Wanted result (achievement): 
1 minute and 30 seconds

Recommended level before operation: 
Minimum 30 repetitions. Average of 10 best results should be below the wanted result (1 minute and 30 seconds).

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