The idea and concept of the D-box is to be a training arena to develop, improve and maintain basic laparoscopic skills, as well as psychomotoric skills and dexterity. It evolved from the idea of making an affordable, suitable, portable and practical training arena for laparoscopy.


Our latest version of the D-box also includes training of Single Port and Ventral hernia in addition to conventional laparoscopic surgery.

Single Ports from major medical device companies fit the D-box.

The D-box includes a set of accessories used to simulate a variation of surgical techniques.

The different exercises have different levels of difficulty. From the simple and fairly easy tasks to the most difficult.

Out of the packing the D-Box is installed and ready in just a few minutes. Surgeons may then practice whenever they have 5, 10 or more minutes; there is no wait, no complex setups, no hassles. Institutions may acquire multiple systems to ensure availability and encourage team exercises. The latest version of the D-box now also includes the option for the single port, EBD (Energy Based Device) and ventral hernia in addition to traditional laparoscopic surgery. The various exercises have different levels of difficulty - from the more simple navigation to the most difficult suturing.


  • D-Box Slalomer Exercise
    Practice basic skills, primarily left right hand coordination, sense of depth, speed, strategy and handling of instruments.
  • D-Box Ypsilon Exercise
    Train basic laparoscopic skills. Right – left hand coordination and speed.
  • D-Box Suture Exercise
    This exercise is designed to practice basic and advanced laparoscopic suturing.
  • D-Box Backlash Exercise
    Practice appropriate laparoscopic technique in a unorganized enviromment. Develop your ability to find a good strategy to solve a messy task. It is crucial for left and right hand to work individually as well as together and coordinated to solve this excercise. Practice use of steering wheel and lock on laparoscopic instruments.
  • D-Box Leaf Exercise
    Practice simultaneous usage of both right and left hand during laparoscopic surgery.



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