D-Box Suture Exercise



Purpose: This exercise is designed to practice basic and advanced laparoscopic suturing.

How to execute:
For beginners it is recommended to use the ports on each side of the joystick. Do not use a cutting needle. We don't recommend any particular method, but we suggest to study and learn a well known and functional method. An instructional video of our preferred method is shown in video below.
When timing the exercise the following assumptions are made: First a friction knot and then 6 or 7 half hitches. Time is registered from when the instruments are seen on the screen till the suture is cut.

Expected time:
2 minutes

Recommended level before real operation:
Minimum 40 repetitions. The 10 best results shall be less than 2 minutes.

Suggesting continued training as long as laparoscopic procedures are performed. Also practice sututring with altering positions of instruments and suturing material.

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