SEP Ovarian Cystectomy

SEP Ovarian Cystectomy allows surgeons to perform simulated training on removal of an cyst with minimal risk of injury to surrounding structures.

The module is an excellent training solution for institutions who want to extend the laparoscopic scope in OB & GYN. With life-like anatomical environment, user-friendly management and assessment tools as well as being the only system on the market that enables optimal trocar placement, SEP enables a premium platform for doctors to achieve proficiency in Ovarian Cyst Removal.

OR Setup

Learn about patient, team and equipment setup for optimal access and to obtain a clear view to the monitors.

Port Placement

Learn about optimal placement of trocars, choices of instruments and the importance of these decisions.


Determine location and conditions with a 0° or 30° camera. Inspect and detect possible abnormalities.


Learn how to access the pelvis and remove cyst located in the ovary. The simulation offers lifelike anatomical settings and let surgeons practice on right procedure steps, trocar placement and correct selection of instruments

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