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SimSurgery has since 1999 been developing quality products for surgical simulation. Today SimSurgery is a leading company in laparoscopic surgical simulation. The company is constantly working on new products and upgrading existing products. SimSurgery products are based on the SimSurgery Educational Platform – SEP. SEP is an award winning training and educational platform for laparoscopic and robotic surgery. This is the most comprehensive surgical simulator available.

SimSurgery offers products for surgical simulation, combining simulation and multimedia content to support training and education of skills, knowledge and judgment. One of the powerful features of SimSurgery products is the possibility to develop a structured training program for trainees. The products allow training and learning with performance evaluation increasing competency at every level.


SEP Basic
A product designed to learn and train laparoscopic surgical skills.

SEP Cholecystectomy
A learning module for the removal of the gallbladder.

SEP Ectopic Pregnancy
A learning module for the removal of an ectopic pregnancy.

SEP Ovarian Cystectomy
A learning module for training Ovarian Cystectomy

SEP Nephrectomy
A learning module for training Nephrectomy

SEP Single Port
A learning module for training Single Port

SEP Robot
A product for training robotic surgery.

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