Service and Support

The main goal for SimSurgery is to have satisfied customers. Therefore it is important for us that you get maximum benefit from your purchase of SEP and can use the system continuously in your training curriculum. We have implemented 3 principles to ensure this:

We oblige ourselves to frequently issuing new versions of existing SEP modules and at the same time launch new modules. This shall be based on the feedback we get from our customers and on discussions with experts in the field of surgical training.

Even if SEP has proven itself to be a very stable system, we are ready to help you out with any problems you should encounter. A malfunctioning SEP system would be of great concern to us.

When you purchase the SEP simulator you get a course in how to use the system as an integrated part of your surgical training. Even so it can be wise to arrange a follow-up course after you have used SEP for a time, which we are more than willing to do.

The first year after buying a SEP module you get new versions of the module and online support for free. When the period expires you can sign the SimSurgery Service & Maintenance Agreement and continue under these favorable conditions. We recommend our customers to do that.

Customer Support
Office: +47 23008160
Fax: +47 23008178

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